Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Unique T-shirt from Yogyakarta .. so find it !!

Rahmat "Gepeng" kartun
When you get around in the city of Yogyakarta, surely you see the T-shirts on sale at the store on the outskirts of the city of Yogyakarta. There are some products of Yogyakarta t-shirts that have been used to seeing over the years. You also must be smart in a bargain price if the t-shirts were on sale at the store is not authorized. It's really fun when we're looking for a souvenir t-shirt in the city of Yogyakarta because so many types of images on the T-shirts yogyakarta.
Some time ago, when I was visiting my friend's home in a rural area in Yogyakarta by accident I met my friend when I was in college. He is a graphic design that now has shirts distro that I think is very unique. His name is Rahmat Basuki, we used to call him by name Gepeng.  

Gepeng in Yogyakarta is known as a cartoonist senior class. Now she entrepreneur kinds of kinds of t-shirts and trinkets Javanese taste. Very lucky he allows me to review about the T-shirt. 

One of design from Gepeng
photo on the right is my friend along with a unique T-shirt. T-shirt is in production itself and designed by Gepeng. These shirts are not mass produced by Gepeng, considering he had to maintain the quality of printing dikaosnya, he decided to not do the production masal.Njawani T-Shirt, Gepeng said. Yes T-shirt design is very unique, so Java with a blend of modern motif vector.

This could be the choice of the foreign tourists to buy souvenirs were very hard to find and I think it is very worth it to buy. some designs kaosdari njawani / Gepeng can search on google with keywords njawani t-shirt. Or to learn more about these shirts could soon visit the official website address of njawani t-shirts in

I also found a trading forum of the largest in Indonesia, kaskus, some resellers also sell products njawani here. Url address of an online store in Kaskus njawani you can click on the following link
[ NJAWANI T-SHIRT ] SPIRIT OF LOCAL CULTURE Ready Stock !!!awani-t-shirt--spirit-of-local-culture-ready-stock  

If you are outside the country to buy a T-shirt production from njawani, you can consult on how to get listed in the Forum.

Finally I was like marketing officer of Njawani, but it's okay, he's also my friend, it is my duty to help him he he he he
So do not get wrong in buying a souvenir in Yogyakarta
Happy shopping in Yogyakarta!!  

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Find Angkringan !!

Angkringan menus
The atmosphere in Angkringan
Do you know if there are some culinary in Yogyakarta that rarely introduced by your tourist guide? I'm sure you've never tried dinner at this place.
This place is a place where the local community dinner. Starting from office workers, civil servants to laborers. They usually dinner and talk with some friends or even chat with some visitors who do not know each other. 

This dining called "Angkringan" which in English means "hangout place". As its name suggests, this place contains a wide variety of local foods such as ready to eat likes intestine satay chicken, satay chicken offal, rice packets, hot tea, hot ginger drinks, fried tempeh, fried tofu, quail egg satay, and a variety of food that I think is very delicious and cheap. With a typical dish of the yogyakarta you will share the warmth of the atmosphere of this place. I recommend that you along with your your tour guide if you want to go here, I'm sure your tour guide will notice if you mention angkringan as your destination.

This is where all levels of society come together regardless of degree, race, religion, ethnicity. In this angkringan yogyakarta society interact and know each other. Yogyakarta is a tourist spot that never lose uniqueness. I love yogyakarta.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Yogyakarta and Cultural Beauty

If you decide to relax and feel the beauty of chatting with your partner, perhaps Bali is the first destination you are headed. But if you mengingkan an amazing cultural journey and no less unique Yogyakarta is the right destination for you.
Yogyakarta is a city and capital of Yogyakarta Special Region on Java in Indonesia. It is renowned as a centre of classical Javanese fine art and culture such as batik, ballet, drama, music, poetry, and puppet shows. Yogyakarta was the Indonesian capital during the Indonesian National Revolution from 1945 to 1949. One of the districts in Yogyakarta, Kotagede, was the capital of Mataram Sultanate between 1575 and 1640. The city is named after the Indian city of Ayodhya from the Ramayana epic. Yogya means 'suitable, fit, proper', and karta, 'prosperous, flourishing' (taken from

In Yogyakarta, you will find several sites of ancient sites such as Borobudur, Prambanan temple, Boko and many places you can visit. You can enjoy a puppet show and performances very famous Ramayana ballet. You can taste our local cuisine, the food stalls serving yogyakarta commonly called "angkringan". And much more uniqueness in Yogyakarta.
Yogyakarta is referred to as a student city in Indonesia has grown into a very busy tourist city in the world discussed. Yes, I am one of the original residents of Yogyakarta are very proud of our city. Our town is a plural, diverse and colorful culture in Yogyakarta, which we respect.

If you are interested and want to talk about our city, please send us an email. we would be very happy to assist you
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Friday, September 14, 2012

Mais Une Autre

     It is said that Buddha and Shiva are two different substances.
     They are different, but how could be identified?
     Because the truth of Jina (Buddha) and Shiva is single
     Divided , but one that was also the. There is no ambiguity in the truth.